Countering Jiu Jitsu: A Beginner's Guide

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In order to counter, you must first understand the attack.
In this seminar, 3rd degree black belt Roy Dean explains what the goals of the jiu jitsu practitioner are, how to stop their efforts early, and how to use your own skill set to counter attack or escape.
Countering Jiu Jitsu is a crucial guide for all martial artists seeking to understand the effectiveness of ground fighting.

Countering Seminar

Double Underhooks
Double Leg Tackle
Scoop Underneath
The Angled Sprawl
Head and Arm Block
Front Snap Down
Snap Down vs. Kaiten Nage
Guard Overview
Hip Bump
Shallow Angle
Guillotine Choke
Detail: Hip Shift
Hip Bump to Guillotine
Bump Choke Bump
Swivel Guard Pull
Guard Pull to Armlock
Kuzushi and Armlocks
Pull Sweep Armlock
Sliding the Knee
Standing Guard Pull
Elbow Knee Shield
Block to Backstep Pass
Front Strike to Side Control
Shinonage to Side Control
Question and Answer

The Private Lesson

Lesson Introduction
Grapevine Mount Escapes
Bridge to Elbow Knee Escape
Bridge to Butterfly Guard
Head Pressure from Mount
Scissor Sweep Variations
Shopping Cart Escapes
Bridge to Foot Lock
Koshinage Counter
Uchimata to Anklepick
Kuzure Kesa Escape
Kuzure Kesa Sweep
Rolling (No Music)
BJJ vs. Aikido

Snapshots of the Journey