Moscow | Season 2 | The Art of Jiu Jitsu in Russia

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Day 1: The Advanced Seminar

Basic Armlock from Guard

Over the Shoulder Armlock from Guard

Detail: Compressing the Head and Arm

Mount Escape with Shin Sweep

Pushing Up Under the Arm Pit

Victory from Short Term Goals

Straight Footlock from the Sweep

Clover Leaf from 411

Clover Leaf Details and Knee Considerations

Kneebar from Top Half Guard


Day 2: The Kimura Seminar

The Kimura from Guard

Telephone Armlock from Kimura

The Elbow: Details on Positioning

Triangle Choke from Telephone Armlock

Heel to Shoulder Leg Extraction for Triangle

The Triangle Choke: Details for Tightening

Hiding the Arm: Triangle Choke Recounter

Raise the Hips to Access the Kimura

The Kimura from Top Side Control

Discussion: Power Bump vs. Tipping

Leg Positioning for Kimura from Side Control

Hip Bump with Sleeve Pull

Grip Break to Hip Bump with Sleeve Pull

Triangle Choke from Hip Bump

Back Arch to Kimura from Triangle Resistance

Day 3: The Choke Seminar

Palm Up Palm Up Choke from the Guard

Choke Details: Grip | Pivoting | Block the Face

Concept: Block then Push or Pull

Palm Up Palm Down Choke: Same Side Entry

Key Distinction: Blocking vs Face Choking

Overhook: Palm Up Palm Down Sternum Choke

Choke Detail: Block Then Pull By Moving Your Hip

Armlock Options from Sternum Choke

Omoplata Finish: Pull the Hip and Block the Knee

Sensitivity Drill: Bicep Block Armlock

Bow and Arrow Choke from the Back

Choke Detail: Make Your Wrist A Hook

Choke Detail: Scoop the Ankle

Leg Variations for Bow and Arrow Choke

Armbar Transition from Bow and Arrow Choke

Breaking the Grip from the Cross Body Armlock

Palm Down Palm Down Choke from the Mount

Knee on Belly Transition to Choke