The Jiu Jitsu Class Volume 1

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If you ever wanted to take in person from Professor Dean, here's your chance.

3 hours. 20 lessons. Real instruction linking and revealing classic techniques.

These are 20 lessons for instructors and students alike, with a printable book listing all the classes, techniques, and timecodes.

Lesson 1: Armlock from Mount

Lesson 2: Standing Guard Passes

Lesson 3: Knee Push Triangle

Lesson 4: Kimura from Closed Guard

Lesson 5: Margarida Guard Pass

Lesson 6: Under the Leg Guard Pass

Lesson 7: Elevator Sweep

Lesson 8: Kimura from Butterfly Guard Sweep

Lesson 9: Closed Guard Armbar

Lesson 10: Options from Triangle

Lesson 11: Step Over Submissions

Lesson 12: Standing Trips

Lesson 13: The Tripod Sweep

Lesson 14: Straight Footlocks

Lesson 15: Ankle Pick Armlock (watch on YouTube here)

Lesson 16: Guard Passing Concepts

Lesson 17: Baseball Bat Choke

Lesson 18: Top Half Guard Options

Lesson 19: Americana Variations

Lesson 20: Hip Bump Combinations

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