Wristlocks, Footlocks, and Kimuras | Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals

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Philadelphia 2019. Roy Dean shares the fundamental techniques and advanced concepts around wristlocks, footlocks, and kimuras. Hosted at Old City Aikido.

Part 1: Kimura Extensions

Basic Kimura

Kimura to Hip Bump

Variations on the Hip Bump Sweep

Advanced Concepts with the Hip Bump

Finishing the Kimura from Side Control

Straight Armlock from Side Control

Americana from Side Control

Kimura Flow to Nikyo

The Value of Kimura

Part 2: Wristlock Options


Kotegaeshi to Scissor Sweep

Kotegaeshi to Kimura

Kotegaeshi to Spiral Kimura

Kotegaeshi to Pressure Kimura

Solutions for Grabbing the Belt

Drop in Pressure Kimura

Threading the Conversations

Part 3: Basic Footlocks

The Straight Footlock

Deeper Details on the Ashikubi Grip

The Most Common Issue

The Toe Press

No Hands Toe Press

The Heel Hook

The Kneebar

Running time 51 Minutes

Uke: Judah Ciervo

Filmed by Rob Beloved

Filmed at Old City Aikido

Special thanks to Jason Perna